Finally, an investment strategy you can be proud of.

LifePro Asset Management handcrafts portfolios specifically designed to meet your needs. Our tactical asset allocation allows you to have complete control and access to your account.

'Buy and Hope' is not an investment strategy

Americans have been conditioned to believe in a passive investment approach. They’re told to buy and hold onto a set of products and continue the course even when the market crashes by 40%.

This ‘buy and hope’ mentality is cheap, but can be potentially dangerous.

Old Passive Investment Strategy - Wall Street

Receive unparalleled access and control to your account.

LifePro Asset Management’s approach to investing is different. We take a tactical and personalized approach to everything we do.

From the selection of markets to sectors to the individual stocks, every decision made is tactical and customized to align with your individual goals. This allows you to have unparalleled access and control to your account.

LifePro Asset Management Tactical Investing Review

An established, systematic investment discipline

Over the last 15 years, LifePro Asset Management has been developing a tactical asset allocation discipline driven from data, not emotions. This allows your account to focus on absolute returns based on your annual goals.

Investment portfolios driven by time and based on capital needs.

Tactically managed investment portfolios offered by LifePro Asset Management are goal-oriented portfolios with investments that are recognizable and liquid. Your account is also fully-portable and can be moved at any time.

Preservation Strategy


A tactical strategy for conservative investors that want to preserve capital first and do not require significant returns to meet their retirement goals.

Blue Chip + Strategy


A tactical strategy for  investors that have a long-term mindset, but still want some income to complement their objectives.

Enhanced Income Strategy


A tactical strategy focused on diversification and income generation to target high-yield returns throughout the bonds’ durations.

Opportunity Strategy


A tactical strategy for opportunistic investors that have a long-term mindset and are seeking an absolute return strategy.

How tactical asset allocation works

Based off of a simple traffic light system, LifePro Asset Management looks towards five key areas of the market. Depending upon these areas and their respective internal market indicators, we label the current state of tactical investing as green, yellow, or red.

Green Tactical Investing - LifePro Asset Management

Fully Invest in Market

Signals include:
Most stocks participating, economically-sensitive sectors outperforming, industrial production cycle healthy, and inventories low and new orders strong.

Yellow Tactical Investing - LifePro Asset Management

Begin to Raise Cash

Signals include:
Less stocks participating, banking lending becoming more restrictive, signs of inventory backlog, and defensive sectors starting to outperform.

Red Tactical Investing - LifePro Asset Management

Move to 100% Cash

Signals include:
Less stocks participating, more stocks falling versus rising in a rising tape, corporate credit risk rising, and inventory correction underway.

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