Customized portfolios matched to meet your goals.

LifePro Asset Management’s investment strategies are designed to meet your unique goals with a combination of tactical management and advanced technology.

Preservation Strategy


A tactical strategy for conservative investors that want to preserve capital first and do not require significant returns to meet their retirement goals.

Blue Chip + Strategy


A tactical strategy for  investors that have a long-term mindset, but still want some income to complement their objectives.

Enhanced Income Strategy


A tactical strategy focused on diversification and income generation to target high-yield returns throughout the bonds’ durations.

Opportunity Strategy


A tactical strategy for opportunistic investors that have a long-term mindset and are seeking an absolute return strategy.

All LifePro Asset Management investment strategies include...

Tactical Investing from LifePro Asset Management

What does a tactical investment approach mean?

When it comes to investing, there are two approaches you can take: tactical and passive. Discover why LifePro Asset Management prefers a tactical approach to investing.

Frequently Asked Questions

Which portfolio is right for me?

The right type of portfolio depends on what you’re looking to get out of it. We’ve created a detailed section for each of our four managed portfolios that go over the common characteristics of that type of investor. Review your options at the top of this page and speak with one of our licensed representatives to get started. 

Are my assets secure?

Yes. Your assets are fully-secured and backed by two of the largest brokerage firms in the world: Charles Schwab and TD Ameritrade.

Do I lose access to my funds?

No. We have structured each portfolio to move to 100% cash, if needed. You have complete access and control over your account. Certain fees and penalties may apply so speak with a representative about your options.

What does 'tactical investing' mean?

The typical investing approach we see so often is what we call passive. It’s the old ‘buy and hold’ analogy, except nowadays, has become more like the ‘buy and hope’ analogy. LifePro Asset Management thinks differently about your investments.

Using a tactical approach, we’re able to actively manage your portfolio on a daily basis; allowing us to quickly rotate from offense to defense, if necessary.

With a personalized tactical approach, your portfolio focuses on returns with the optimal amount of risk.

For more information about our tactical approach, please click here.

What if I'm not happy, am I able to leave?

Yes. The account you create with LifePro Asset Management 100% belongs to you. If you unfortunately decide to part ways with us, your account is fully-portable and can be moved.

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