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Market & Portfolio Review: 06-23-20

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Patience Pays Off Over Time

It’s often said that challenging times set the stage for tomorrow’s leaders. March of 2020 was no different as the chaos of global shutdowns allowed companies that entered the downturn with strong balance sheets and positioned in areas of secular growth to go on offense while their weaker competitors merely tried to survive.

Emerging from the Q1 wreckage, these new corporate leaders reap the rewards for the moves they made during the darkest days of March. As we enter the summer months, we remain focused on the winners that are positioned to dominate the recovery, not the losers that hope to survive.

In today’s market review, we are going to review LPAM performance through June 22nd, along with a quick summary of the most recent high-frequency economic data to gain insight into the health and sustainability of the nascent economic recovery taking place in the U.S. We will measure the current stock market recovery and compare it to what happened in the prior recoveries of 2003 and 2009 to give us a roadmap on how to handle short term volatility and a basic understanding of how market recoveries unfold.

Third, we want to take a close look at investor positioning throughout the market to understand where froth may exist, along with potential sources of future investment growth for clients. Lastly, we will review the health of the credit markets, along with a quick conversation on we continue to focus on corporate leaders in software and e-commerce.

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Robert Reaburn

Robert Reaburn

Robert Reaburn is the Executive Vice President and Head of Wealth Management at LifePro Asset Management. He works with financial advisors building diverse financial portfolios that best empower their clients with a lifetime of financial security.

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